Street Team


Introducing The Hands and Feet Street Team!

Here’s your chance to be an important part of the show! We need your help to reach out to your friends, family, or anyone on the street to find out what people think about stuff like God, salvation, the supernatural, morals, and current events.

As a bona fide Hands and Feet Street Team correspondent you’ll be able to walk up to people, whip out your cell phone, and record audio that will be used on the show in a brand new segment called Hands and Feet on the Street.

So here’s how it works:

  1. You send us a picture and your name to
  2. We create an awesome Hands and Feet Badge for you that you can print out(see below).
  3. Every week we will email you the street question of the week, or you can suggest your own (just send us an email).
  4. You find some people on the street, whip out your cell phone, tell them you’re with a world-famous podcast, ask them the question and call our number – 954-633-4711 - and record!
  5. We play your report on the show!
  6. After you send us three reports, we’ll send you an official Hands and Feet Show T-shirt and a laminated lanyard with your badge.


Use these guidelines:

  1. Be nice!
  2. Be friendly!
  3. Be courageous!
  4. Keep it simple, don’t preach, and keep it short!
  5. Join Now! Send us an email at

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