Join seven young adult podcasters as they explore the fun side of living their Catholic Christian life. Each week the Hands and Feet crew take on the tough issues facing teens and young adults with a fun conversational style sprinkled with outrageous dramas, skits, spoofs, and hilarious twists.

The crew of youth ministry veterans draw from a combined 40 years of youth ministry to inspire young people of all ages to love and understand Scripture, Church teachings on love and sexuality, to bust myths about the Catholic Church, and to live holy Catholic lives.  The award-nominated show airs each week at Monday at 9:00 PM EST and is available for download and subscription at www.beyourhands.com and sqpn.com.

The Hands and Feet Show is hosted by a bunch of wacky Catholic friends who have worked in youth ministry together in the South Florida area for almost ten years.  The show was founded by husband and wife team Javier and Aneesa Plumey and their good friend of over 12 years, Gerard Bross, as an outreach of their work with youth at San Isidro Catholic Church, in the Archdiocese of Miami.  Jose Rojas, another long-time friend and Catholic scholar, joined the podcast in 2006 and helped to raise it to an all new level of fun. Timarie Smit and Amber Stevens, who also worked with Javier and Aneesa at San Isidro, joined the podcast shortly thereafter, bringing their creativity and bubbly energy. Finally, James Espanol came on board and helps with our chat room and road shows. The show is produced in Tamarac, FL and is under the spiritual supervision of Father Roberto Garza, pastor of San Isidro Catholic Church.


Javier and Aneesa Plumey, co-founders



Gerard Bross, co-founder



 Jose Rojas



Timarie Smit



Amber Stevens



James Espanol



The Crew

The podcast is an extension of NieMax Media, a non-profit Catholic media company formed in 2002. Our ministry is in full cooperation of San Isidro Catholic church, the Archdiocese of Miami, and our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Our show is broken up into different parts:

Gone in 30 seconds:
From Jay-Z to Harry Potter, we cover the latest news.

Bible Lotion: Ever get confused when reading the Bible? We take a look at the Bible in fun ways you’ll never forget.

Relationships 2.0: We discuss sex, relationships, friendships, marriage, and anything else that involves two people, except for maybe polka dancing.

Catholic Mythbusters: Just like it says, we bust myths about the Catholic faith, and have fun doing it!

Main Event:
We cover the topics you want to know about. Things like: porn, tattoos, cults, relationships, sex, living a good life, vocations, defending the faith, etc. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be inspired…maybe..most of the time.

Devotions in G Major: G shares some insight on living a Christian life.

In 2007 we were nominated for a People’s Choice Podcast Award (www.podcastawards.com) in the Religious Inspiration category. We edged over hundreds of other submissions to be considered for the prize.

The Hosts:

We want to thank all of the following for their contribution to our podcast:

  • Our family and friends, especially Aneesa Plumey (Javier’s wife) for her love and support and fresh-baked cookies.
  • Father Roberto Garza, Pastor of San Isidro Catholic Church
  • Ron Harper for the outstanding intro voice over. www.ronharper.com
  • Father Roderick and the crew at SQPN.COM for their support of the show
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Our show is produced at Cafe Plumey, where you can always get something good to eat…if you know how to cook

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